Saturday 2 March 2013


As I sat all day at the computer, the outside world was reflected faintly on the screen and visible, just, in the corner of an eye. Since that breath of sunshine and warmth a couple of weeks ago, the weather has been cold, the sky unvaryingly flat and grey. So, focused though I was on deadlines, I could not but notice the slow changing of the light as it threaded through a sky still grey, but a much paler grey, and finally, briefly, dappled with blue; as the colour of everything was subtly lifted. 


Jennifer said...

February is gone. I was more than ready. Let springdom ring!

Lucy said...

That happened when I went out, reluctantly, to walk this afternoon too, suddenly the hill top was softly illuminated and colourful.

Dale said...

Oh, my! Yes, and yes.