Friday 22 March 2013

Cassandra at 10: my window on so much!

Quebec Winter by Beth at Studio Cassandra
For almost a decade now my computer screen has been a window not only on the world at large (a mixed blessing), but into the minds and lives of a wonderful group of friends I met through blogging. It's a fluctuating group, but some have been there from the start, like Beth Adams of the cassandra pages (which is ten years old this week - like some other peace-lovers among my friends, she first began blogging to express sad and horrified dissent from what was happening in Iraq). She's inspired me all these years and continues to do so. Ten years of committed and beautiful writing; of photographs, drawings, prints and paintings; the foundation of her press, Phoenicia Publishing, and online art store, Studio Cassandra: such riches, shared in this intimate, still evolving online format. Beth and people like her are why, even in wobbly and close-to-wordless times, I'm still hanging out here.

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