Thursday 29 April 2010


1910 election poster  (must be a really strong door)

General Election leaflets through my door. Two of them mention dog poo - definitely a national issue. The candidate for the traditional Party of Privilege is a personable young woman with a record of activism for local community causes. Go figure. The Iconoclastic Party has a suave-looking older man, an international lawyer. If he's iconoclastic in any way, he's not telling. The Governing Party's candidate, the sitting MP, is a government minister. They're not saying much, and nothing at all about the candidate, whose reputation is particularly sullied. You'd never know we live in an increasingly unequal society teetering on the brink of economic and environmental catastrophe.  The voters would rather not think about that, so no one wants to be the first to mention it.  It's all completely unenlightening. So I'll be voting, then, on the basis of my unchallenged personal prejudices. Fortunately, mine are entirely righteous prejudices - like everyone's. 

I always vote, am not a cynic, just sad.

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Dale said...

Yes, a particularly dismal election. Better times will come, though.