Sunday 25 April 2010

Dulwich Wood


The woods are difficult to photograph. Time has blended everything together: subtle, minimalist music in the key of green. The light lately has been propitious, though.  Photo set here.

Here in the ancient wood,
remaindered at the city's edge,
the quiet green quiets my mind.

Spring's tangled, trailing growth
creeps over every scratch and scar
left by the tiger's claws.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Lovely. I enjoyed this. It's captivating when you're there, I know. I have a lot of similar photos, so I really appreciate what you've done here.

A slideshow with some Phillip Glass for soundtrack?
Yeah. That'd be good.

Lucy said...

I love the little spot of complementary red there...

Jasmine said...

Wonderful poetry. Thank you.

Suzi Smith said...

what a lovely place to wander!