Friday 16 April 2010

What if we banned bureaucracy?

How would it be
if we banned bureaucracy in the university? You could come here if you felt able, sign up for whatever you love, study when the spirit moved you and rest when commitment flagged. Your programme - self directed - might be Physics, Chemistry and Poetry; Education, Mediation and Magic; Practical Alchemy with a minor in Psychology of Hope. You might take one year or twenty and in order to graduate, with a title of your own choosing (Bachelor of Awareness, Master of Pattern-making, Doctor of Compassion), you would bring your work before a jury of your peers and elders and convince them it was time, you'd flowered, been fruitful, grown into your wisdom.


Peter Clothier said...

What a dream!

Natalie said...

Aye aye to all that! Ivan Illich would have totally agreed with you. (see 'De-schooling Society' by Ivan Illich).