Friday 28 November 2008


Struan Gray: Elder

Via Wood s Lot, a beguiling new blog, Twiglog, by Struan Gray in Lund, Sweden: my commonplace book …ideas, musings and works in progress …and photos, naturally. He also has a photo website: photographs which move me the most are the ones taken ...on repeated visits to the same small places. His is an aesthetic that resonates completely with me and I know will also with many of my blogging friends.


Anonymous said...

Oh my yes.

Lucy said...

Beautiful, I shall look.

Thanks for the Picasa tip; photoshop took me ages. And sorry I thought your photo was wonky.

Anonymous said...

Jean, thank you for highlighting my blog, and my photography. I'm not fully sure where the blog is going, but it is a useful way to organise my private thoughts into a presentable form.

With my photographs I know that too much planning makes for a boring predictability, so I try not to think too hard before shooting. *Afterwards* I waffle on for hours, and although a distilled waffle sounds faintly disgusting I hope to put some kind of extract into the blog.

MB said...

Thanks, Jean.