Thursday 27 November 2008


Difficult one. I'm feeling ungrateful. And guilty. Very Protestant. It’s a problem, perhaps, that for most of us now there is no annual harvest. We’re genetically programmed, I think, for cycles of feast and famine. The hamster-wheel life of regular work and regular pay, however well padded your wheel, may be less conducive to well-being.

I’m truly grateful for my American friends (especially Tamar - check out the video at 0.49 min) and hope they’re all enjoying a long weekend off.

Yes, that's more than 70 words (Tamar's fault). In brackets or italics doesn't count.


Anonymous said...

LOL! Jean, thanks for the link, and therefore, word extension! You know, surely, that I am so thankful for you! Hugs and smiles from way over here this brisk Thanksgiving morning.

Zhoen said...

Pick one thing to be grateful for, even if it's the lint in your pocket.

I agree, we need both the rush and the ease, hunger and feast. The daily grind, does.

I'm so glad to be one of your regular readers.

EJ said...

Simplifying life, downsizing, becoming part of the seasonal circle of harvest, abundance and leaner times. Less stuff, more people and relationships. More sharing, less hoarding. A smaller, older, home and a less well paid job. Life in the country where even going to the store once a week is a lot.

These are things that I live by and am grateful for.

Linda S. Socha said...

A appreciate your blog Jean and I thank you for it

Dale said...

Thank you, for more than you know.

Unknown said...

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