Tuesday 18 November 2008


The wonderful PsychoTherapist likes my use of negative space (below). My current space is not just visually negative! Wondering whether words worth reading can come from such a space. Can there still be a perception of beauty or a satisfying verbal pattern? Or better shut up? Andy decides to shut up for now, and I’m sorry. His words, even when bleak, are never unengaging because he writes so well. Hmm.


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Anonymous said...

One of the theories of creativity is that it can only ever spring out of chaos. Trust the chaos to give you something - judging by your work here, it so often does, and beautifully too.

Leon's current assignment said...

For me, great beauty resides in what is intentionally, or unintentionally, not present. (Or should that be "presented"?) I appreciate all aspects of canvas flow.

I hope you do not change the well from which you draw your rainwater. It is perfect.

And thank you for the mention. Quite unexpected and touching.