Tuesday 18 November 2008

Postal Poetry

On a not at all negative note, I have something up at Postal Poetry today. I'm delighted about this, as I love the format and they've been publishing some really terrific, resonant stuff. I've very much enjoyed playing with this. Quite new to me, as I don't have Photoshop. The free image manipulation software, Gimp, is not bad though. Do consider having a go!


Dave King said...

Excellent silhouette Jean. Very impressive.
I was wondering...
Some days (weeks?) ago I was tagged from that very delightful blog AcornMoon to provide seven facts about myself (unusual ones if possible, I think it said - absolutely impossible, of course!). Having done which, I was then to tag seven others to do likewise, and finally to leave a message with each to let them know they had been tagged.

The first part of the challenge will be discharged on my blog with a post scheduled for tomorrow.
You willhave guessed by now that you are one of my choices for Part 2. Please regard it as a suggestion only - I would not like anyone to feel compelled in any way to pick it up, but if you feel able and willing, please go to my blog any time from tomorrow (Thursday) onwards for the full details, post your seven revelations abut yourself on your own blog, then choose another seven blogs and pass the challenge on. Good luck!

Leon's current assignment said...

Apparently you are equally as comfortable in negative space as high contrast. The photo and words are striking. A woman of many talents.

"Playing is as vital as breathing." she said, smiling at the monitor.

kitabet said...

belatedly, I loved this!