Tuesday 4 November 2008


My 'other America' is my blogging friends, in none of whose name the war and the waste have been, any more than the crazed antics of the British acolyte have been in mine. I was going to post the Buddhists for Obama logo, but the time for labels is past, I think. Today, though, in good Buddhist fashion, I'll sit still and breathe out love across the ocean.


Sky said...

oh, thank you, jean! the excitement today is beyond measure. we are at a crossroad with amazing possibilities before us. it is thrilling in so many ways.

obama/biden 2008

Anonymous said...

luvya, Jean, I'll sit with you

this US election is important to us in Canada for so many reasons, and I feel optimistic for the future

I’m pretty sure this will be an historical election in American history - and we can tell our great-grandchildren (or someone else’s) that We Were There when the first black American became President!

Anonymous said...

Thank you dear Jean. I for one feel very loved.

Zhoen said...

And this time, it might just work.

Leon's current assignment said...

How wonderful. Thank you for the lovingkindess: it is a welcome gift.


PS, I really am enamored with your wordsmithery. (smile) This is such a beautiful place.

Jean said...

I'm really enamoured with your blog too, Psycho Therapist - I don't think you have comments, so I'll say it here :-)