Wednesday 2 November 2011


( Cambridge: playing Cat Stevens songs!  - video )

A super-busy day, and already I feel tired and discouraged at the thought of daily blogging in November. So this is just links, but extra good ones.

On the very wonderful Spitalfields Life blog, terrific photos and thoughtful words from the Occupy London camps at St Pauls and at Finsbury Square. Thinking a lot about how when I leave my job I’ll perhaps be able to join in some physical acts of protest like these.

Thinking too, though, how every small act of creating words or images is also a protest – not a rejection of reality or an escape from it (well, perhaps sometimes just a bit of an escape from it), but an expansion of reality: “yes, but look, there is this too!”. If this is magnified and becomes a small bud of a movement when creators get together, blog carnivals, in their continuance and regularity, are more like saplings with many buds. So, from the defiant carnival of the protest camps to blog carnivals: there are new editions of both the >Language >Place Blog Carnival (the first anniversary edition!) and the Festival of the Trees (Edition 65!). It feels so good to link our stuff together. The commitment, knowledge and creativity converging here is a joy. Hope I’ll have time in the future to contribute more.

And then there are the places where inner and outer protest seek to become one, like this, from the Dark Mountain Project.

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Lilian Nattel said...

Yes it's protest--thank you for the reminder. That's why totalitarian regimes and abusive homes try to stamp it out.