Tuesday 17 May 2011

"His missing right hand...

...perhaps held a cup", said the label at the British Museum.

A poignant image and caption that made time stand still for a moment during a busy week. Ay, ay, so much work got done by me in the past week, I thought my head would fall off, never mind my right hand - smoke and curling fragments of words coming out of my ears. In between, though, some great times were spent hanging out with lovely London blogger friends and Dave Bonta, who was here for a few days on his way home to Pennsylvania after being invited to the celebrations of Clive Hicks-Jenkins' retrospective at the National Library of Wales. The exhibition includes text panels and audio-recordings of poems written by Dave, Marly Youmans and others in response to some of these beautiful paintings. The poems are also collected, together with superb reproductions, in The Book of Ystwyth (on website, click tab). It's all clearly exceptionally wonderful and I hope to get up to Aberystwyth to see it between now and August.

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Daisy-Winifred said...

yes I've heard good things about the exhibition and also hope to get there before it closes.

I am hoping to make a friends poetry book launch in June, which is work derived from a collaboration she had with a print maker, both poems and prints are powerfull, beautiful and challenging by turns, more details here -

My 'long' sojourns are limited to one a month if I'm lucky so Aber is on the list for July or August:0)