Sunday 1 May 2011


The long break almost over and gone. It's been such a privilege, such a gift, this time and the nearly unbroken sunshine. Like most gifts, the pleasure of it up to the receiver, and this receiver still avid, somehow, for something, for everything, but extending the weakest of grasps and feeling massively guilty for not summoning more. The muddle within. And the greater muddle without: I shan't forget the sheepish voice of the newsreader required to pass straight from the wedding to Libya. The precious, absurd, unbearable moment when the seamless discourse almost falters. Ba(a)h.


Sandra Davies said...

I've just come from another blog, talking about 'speaking words of wisdom'
You are doing it too.

And there's something heartbreaking about that photo, though I don't know what.

Anne said...

It's a good thing to remember that no matter how long it rains, eventually the sun will shine.

But the juxtaposition of the news of the Royal Wedding and the news from the middle east is a stark reminder of the dark side of a beautiful world.