Thursday 29 July 2010

Reflections and parentheses

Reflections in the River Yare, in the centre of Norwich. Stuck at the railway station for an hour before leaving, with my backpack and my laptop (not a light-weight model) and the railway station having no Left Luggage office (most UK stations don't - they were closed at the height of the IRA bombing campaign in the 1970s and never reopened), I was delighted to find the riverside right across the street and to spend an hour gazing into the water. In fact, I could have spent much longer. It is a lovely city, in a lovely county (as the river link shows a little), whose flat, open, watery landscape is much to my taste  Having exorcised my nasty memories a bit, I do hope really not to feel I have to avoid it for ever!


Dale said...

Oh, what wonderful photographs! It does give intimations of a lovely place.

Dave said...

I particularly love the second photo.