Sunday 25 July 2010

Black and white

Nope, I can't write about last week. It was a bad week. No one's fault. It's over. 

More photos are here. It's kind of funny that I read and wrote about the resonance and comfort of images shortly before such a heightened awareness of this in the past few days.


Dale said...

xoxoxo wonderful photographs!

Vivien said...

Your photos are very good - they have a lot of emotional resonance -they speak to me. Maybe you could go further with this, career-wise.

Natalie said...

What an extraordinary photo! At first my brain couldn't make out what it was. I thought it was an installation of white porcelain bowls, probably Japanese.

Then I recognise tables and chairs - of course, yes! What a strange and wonderful thing perception is. I've just been looking at some videos on YouTube about it.

marja-leena said...

I can't seem to access the photos: "Oops... there's nothing to see here. Either you do not have access to these photos or they don't exist at this web address." Hopefully just a temporary glitch.

By the way, wood s lot has linked to it, too!

Jean said...

Hi Marja-Leena. I won't bore you with the reasons, but I hope you can access the photos now!