Tuesday 25 May 2010


While recent words have been bleak, exhausted and pointlessly angry and self-pitying (nothing, on some fronts, changes) and thus met with well merited self-censorship before they made it onto here, taking pictures remains as always a blessed refocusing of my energy on the interesting and lovely things that lurk around on even the worst days and in even the worst places. Not, of course, that the British Museum is one of the worst places - nowhere better to go with a camera, no better relief from the particular madness of the twenty-first century, no grander entrance to the pregnant dreams of history and imagination.

The more I look at this, the more I am in awe of the timeless, superhuman - and yet very human - beauty, the more I want to touch it, somehow access it...  Feasting with my eyes will have to do. And savouring the name on my tongue: amenhotep, amenhotep.

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Lucy said...

A beautiful photo of a beautiful thing. I'm rather intrigued now by the possibilities of photographing things behind glass.

I recall years ago an exhibition at the BM where one could touch the exhibits,which were all kinds of sculptures and other artefacts including Egyptian ones. I think it was in conjunction with the RNIB. I suppose that's one of the more acceptable reasons people feel they need to own things, in order to touch.