Thursday 7 November 2013

In sunshine and in rain

The exhibition we saw at Kew Gardens in September of botanical paintings by Rory McEwen was
memorable, especially the paintings from the last year of his life - precise and intense depictions of dying, decaying leaves, titled not by species, but by where they fell. These were images that lingered, cooking slowly. They bubbled to the surface as I trudged and skidded in the following weeks on fallen leaves, often stopping, in the street, in the rush, in the rain, to take photos. They're still bubbling.


Lorianne said...


Lorianne said...

(That was in response to that first photo in particular.)

marja-leena said...

Jean, thanks for the link and video to an artist unknown to me. I'm not usually that fond of botanical work, but I too love his deteriorating, crumbling and imperfect leaves and the onion skins. Sounds like he was a very multi-faceted artist and it would have been an interesting show I'd have like to see.

And I always appreciate your lovely photos!