Saturday 29 October 2011


Today the clocks go back, the season turns - officially. Everything shifts. Already for me, with the decision just made, the ground had given way and set things spinning.

A day of light slanting and flickering on flushed and fragile trees and crunchy, carpeted lawns: Dulwich at its most lovely and gratitude for being here where you can walk from park to woods to park, for the precious open spaces overcrowded London still preserves.

It's all intensified: the earth, the air, their colour and their texture. Even if nothing turns out as I would wish, there will have been these nervous, sated hours.


Anonymous said...

We have one more week of DST

Anne said...

I am just catching up, after big upheavals in my life. How exciting for you to be anticipating a new way of living. Autumn is indeed an end, but also a promise of renewal after the cold pause of winter.

Sandra Davies said...

Just come back to this and reminded about the clocks! Love the shadowy strpes and wish you all the best. Nervous anticpation far far better than stagnation.

Lucy said...

Amen to that.