Friday 14 October 2011


One of my very few really satisfying attempts to date (and that very few are is fine, of course; what I love is writing them - the moment of presence and observation) at the haiku/micro-poem genre has appeared on tinywords. I'm incredibly pleased and proud of this, as I love the tinywords concept, they attract a lot of submissions and publish some really wonderful stuff.  Dave Bonta did an excellent podcast interview a while back with founder-editor Dylan Tweney, who's been publishing micro-poetry online since 2000: an excitingly appropriate and successful use of the medium.


Dave said...

Yes, I was impressed and excited to see your poem there yesterday. (I have yet to place anything there myself.) It's also worth noting that the Twitter version got more retweets (eight) than any tinywords poem in quite a while.

Jean said...

Thanks Dave - I don't follow Twitter, so didn't see that!

Anonymous said...

Just discovered your poem on tinywords which I found so well made and all of one movement. Part of me now. Thank you.

Also, have obviously found your blog and will include it in my weekly visits from word pond –