Thursday 7 August 2008

Countryside in black and white

Not obvious. What has stayed with me most strongly is the green, green, green and the many bright colours of the flowers and butterflies. But when I think a little more, the blocks of dark and light and the strong outlines stay with me just as strongly - the contrast and clarity in many things that I seem to have brought back with me from the powerful, open spaces of the countryside, and that other common relationship of light and dark: those dappled places beneath the trees where you can scarcely tell them apart, but where it's important to remember there is both.


Dale said...

Wonderful photos. Dappling.

Bill said...

I really like what you've written here. The half and half of things. It matters what you're looking at but it matters as much what your thinking, the edge of the dapple where the two things meet.

Fire Bird said...

I love the gate-shadow