Thursday 10 April 2008


It's not a word I ever use, but fitting is the word that occurs to me in describing the memorial
to Austrian Jewish victims of the Shoah, in Judenplatz, commissioned by the City of Vienna from British artist Rachel Whiteread.

It's the size of a room, a library - a size to make itself felt, but not to dominate the square.
It has a definite and interesting form, enough to draw the attention, but not enough to overwhelm the meaning.

I liked this review from the time of it's unveiling in 2000.

The artist did well, I think. My friend M, whose father is among those commemorated, thinks so too - which must be the best measure.


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Anonymous said...

Fitting, indeed, in a city with so strong an association with antisemitism, whether in the grisly memories recorded in Mein Kampf or through Simon Wiesenthal's many years of dogged research.

Udge said...

I too found the memorial wonderful and deeply moving.