Friday 18 April 2008


The other thing going slowly in these parts is Spring. After soft, warm days in Vienna, back to persistent cold and damp in London. Just the one snowstorm, a week or so ago - a white cover gone in one day, but chill winds, frost and hail, along with heavy rainstorms.
Jacques RĂ©da, whose writing I'm just discovering with great enjoyment, calls these unfriendly between-seasons the 'badly tamed' months, when something gets into steel and concrete towers and stone statues and they bend and prowl under a wild sky like trees and beasts in the forest. There are more flowers and leaves every day, nonetheless, and louder birdsong, all of us shivering and waiting out the weather, turning our faces up to the brief bursts of sunshine.


Dale said...

can Spring be far behind?


Anonymous said...

Ah, we're having such a cold spring too, with snow coming this weekend! But just like in London, the flowers bloom anyway and we have odd moments of glorious sunshine.