Thursday 10 October 2013

Around the lake


Around the lake, an Autumn forest of tousled gold and green and purple.

more photos
while the tall reeds
and flowers sway softly
the heron stands still


Vivien said...

I love the heron photo - poetic image and verse!

Jean said...

Hi Vivien, nice to see you here :-)

Dale said...


lovely, Jean.

Loren said...

Nice touch using the Great Blue Heron in the background rather than as the main subject.

Jean said...

Loren, I couldn't get any closer to the heron :-) Close enough to feel surprise and delight (I've only seen one there a couple of times - this is just the little lake in the middle of my local, urban public park), but not close enough, with my tiny pocket camera, for a better photo.