Friday 9 November 2012


The lovely things at Kettle's Yard and the care and flair of their curation have an odd effect - the loveliness extends itself, to the smallest detail, to the trees outside and to reflections in the windows. And it extends towards other lovely things. I've been reading the Kettle's Yard blog and Facebook page and today the latter took me to the work of artist Kathryn Faulkner, who works with pinhole photography. Her images from some years ago of Kettle's Yard are of such simplicity, and, though light incarnate, of such weight. And on her website is much more beautiful work. I especially loved the photographs of meditators, and of a house in Storey's Way, a once-familiar quiet enclave of old houses and gardens hidden between two main roads just behind my old Cambridge college. Such resonance - capturing the magic of the everyday.

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