Wednesday 5 September 2012


4.30 on a perfect, late summer afternoon. The sun slants low and dazzling on scenes of suburban bliss. Flocks of kids - back at school this week - and their parents surge on every street corner and spill into the park. Crikey, this is it: the glowing, leisurely, privileged hour from which I've mourned my exclusion for the past 35 years. I breathe it in, amazed, and shiver in the sunshine; will myself to find a balance: linger and appreciate, but not wait dumbly for the axe to fall.


Fire Bird said...

there is no axe

Rachel Fox said...

good to enjoy the moments.

Lucy said...

God yes, though, don't we do that? Strive for what we long for, get it, then refuse it, turn from it, assume we don't deserve it or that because it won't last (because nothing does, which is not to say there is an axe...) therefore it's not good enough, we can't be happy with it.

Well done you for recognising it and mindfully acknowledging it. Try now to enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

Blessings to you for this wise and beautiful post.