Tuesday 3 July 2012

Like butterflies

I've resumed posting at TRAIL MIX. The long-term commitment to something tiny continues to feel in some way not tiny.

An increasingly loud consensus would have it that the blogosphere is in inexorable decline, usurped by Facebook and Twitter. But I've recently added to my Links three new blogs that delight and stretch my mind. Quality over quantity is just fine with me.

Novelist, philosopher and linguist Will Buckingham, long-time blogger at thinkBuddha, returned with The Myriad Things and writes about them all so beautifully and lightly.

Another scholar, 'kitabet', anthropologist in Istanbul, started blogging at Human Landscapes - like Will, a friend from her earlier blog and still as full of knowledge, warmth and presence.

And finally, by no means new but new to me, a name that appeared in my comments, Sigrun, blogging from Norway at sub rosa - a fine mind and kindred spirit sharing links and subtle perceptions on literature, images and place.

More links that make me happy: photos that I first blogged ages ago published here and here and here at qarrtsiluni, and more recently blogged words and photo melded with others' words and photos into something new at blueprintreview.

Hatching, cocooning, re-emerging.


Beth said...

Tanks for all these recommendations - I've subscribed in my feed reader. No, of course, blogging isn't dead, as these (and yours) all prove.

alembic said...

What a lovely image with the shadows! No, blogging is not dead, even if our attention had been splintered. Thanks for sharing these recommendations. Adding them to my lists. If only I could add more hours to the day....