Tuesday 19 June 2012

Drawings of Dulwich Wood

Much as I love to wander in the interwebs, encountering what I'd never otherwise encounter, nothing means more than finding there an evocation of my own close, physical locality, like Canadian artist Liz Charsley-Jory 's drawings of Dulwich Wood, which are full of the lines and textures, shapes and stories I see and try to photograph when walking there. This drawing, for example: yes, this was the pattern the trees were making on the sky when I took the photos above and here. How lovely to find online, so beautifully executed, a picture that my eyes remember so intimately. I went to see some of her drawings on show in a local cafe and found them, in deep, glossy sepia ink, even more evocative. (scroll down her website a little to see the whole series of drawings and click on each for a larger view)


marja-leena said...

Jean, I can understand how joyous the connection is for you in the striking similarity in your photos with the artist's drawings. I am also tickled to discover she is from my part of the world, and I recognize many of the names and looks of familar places she has drawn so beautifully. Thanks for the pointer, will add it to my blog list!

Peter Clothier said...

Thanks for "drawing" my attention to the drawings, Jean. They are quite lovely, as are the photographs. I sent a note of appreciation to Liz. Hope all's well with you. Come visit us one day in Southern California!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad someone from my part of the world has done this, though of course I have no part in it. Still, it's another thread, a connection, and that makes me smile.