Saturday 31 March 2012


Found in the recent clear-out: apparently penned during some long gone, unproductive day at the office.

my inertia is a dog
a gloomy hunkered down hound
immovable by good intentions
put this part of you on a chair
and talk to it therapists may tell you
face him
what? this daft creature?
with the big floppy ears?
this soft velvety clown?
this is my nemesis?
heaving and hauling on his lead gets us nowhere
perhaps if I gather him in my arms then
and give his downy nose
a kiss? this? this
is the inertia that dogs my days?
the obstinate beast of self-sabotage?
dandle him cosset him
hug him close until he stops straining against me
and he’ll stagger to his feet
and wag his tail
and we’ll stride off together
I’ll throw a stick
and he’ll lumber after it
but always the fear
that he’ll sit down again
his ears his bottom
are so near the ground
my inner gloomy hound


Dave said...

Good one, Jean!

Zhoen said...

Run, and he will chase you.

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

Love it to bits!