Tuesday 6 March 2012


The piece I wrote for Writing Our Way Home / River of Stones is republished, with their kind permission, in the new issue of BluePrintReviewThe creative blending of words and images in this lovely online journal is close to my heart and I've had some photos included previously, but never a written piece. So I'm dead chuffed about this. Looking forward a lot to Issue 29, which will come online in stages.


Sandra Davies said...

Jean I re-read with much pleasure your daily stones and their interspersing with your comments on your year - so far BluePrintReview looks to be a astonishingly rich feast. I was also astonished to discover that you are not, as I had assumed, a professional photographer.

earlybird said...

I agree with Sandra. I had also assumed you were a professional (or at least semi) photographer.

I loved re-reading these stones.

An inspiring and engaging summary of your year.

Anonymous said...

I like the picture at the top, but above all the mix of stones and commentary. In one book, Collected Poems, I think, Robert Bly looks back on his poetry and makes some keen observations about them and their times before each short chapter. Your new work in the Blue Print Review reminds me of that delightful approach.