Friday 23 December 2011

Turning to the light

I woke with a start yesterday morning at 5.30 - the winter solstice. Lie quietly as it passes, breathe, feel something pooling in my belly. How I need and long for the coming spring, for any symbol of renewal I can draw to myself. Remind myself I need do nothing, that the light, just like the dark, comes by itself.

The day before, the shortest day, I was with a friend who just this week has completed a big work/life project, in the face of chronic illness, years of repeated discouragement. She never gave up, kept faith through it all with her own talents. I'm so happy for her and inspired by her.

Having flunked out of getting up to see the sunrise yesterday, I thought: noon, then; go to an open space. We have a lot of those in Dulwich, but Belair Park is where I often take strong emotions for a walk. It's a small park around an old house, never crowded as the other parks and even the woods become on holidays and weekends. It has quiet paths, trees and water and views, and on this day long shadows in the pale, brief sunlight. I perch on one of the seats facing the football field, feel the cool, steady rays on my closed eyelids, turn my face up to the light.

More photos here.

The office is closed and the laptop is very unhappy so I may be off line until January.

Merry Christmas!


Dave said...

I love that last photo.

rr said...

Somehow it makes me happy that we were awake at the same time. How wonderful to have such an inspiration while waiting for the light.

Rachel Fox said...

We used to live near Dulwich when I was a teenager and my Mum walked our dog there.
Happy lighter days. You should see how dark it gets up here!

marja-leena said...

I love all the photos, the top is my favourite. How lovely to awaken for the solstice, and meditate on the return of the light. Wishing you peace and happiness this season, enjoy the time off and away from computers (though I hope you get this message).

Rouchswalwe said...

Merry Christmas to you, dear Lady! A friend. A ray of light. A warm flame. All this and more I wish to you in the upcoming Year of the Dragon.

Taradharma said...

lovely photos, particularly the first one. such a delicate image.

Lucy said...

I like the second especially.

A lovely meditation, happy Christmas Jean, and all good things for the coming year.

Anonymous said...

The photos are gorgeous. May we all find light in 2012--I know that you bring it to me with your photos.