Monday 12 December 2011


I'm delighted to be part of Edition 12 of the >Language >Place blog carnival, on the topic of food and hosted by Linda Hofke of Lindguistics, who beautifully presents this edition as a long, mouth-watering menu - click through and taste every dish in full!  See here for Edition 13 call, with a deadline of 8 January for submissions.

Also in January, a new River of Stones will gush forth and flow: a year since the first River and I never thought I'd still be at it, with only small pauses - almost three hundred stones and a new blog. This small daily practice has been life-changing. I look forward to stepping into the river again in the new year. It's eminently do-able, however busy you are, and the rewards are enormous. A fine and inspiring discourse on the subject is here - I agree with all of it and can't recommend this highly enough!

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