Wednesday 14 October 2009

More figures at the museum

I keep swapping these over -
photoshop sections of the two together
and it wouldn't be a bad photo. Bah.
So why not make the effort to learn something about light
and shutter speeds instead of pointing and hoping?

No better place than a museum for people-watching. The visitors loiter and linger - one of the rare contexts, these days, in which this is a morally approved activity. The light inside is often lovely. (Last week the light outside was pretty good too). And then there are the guards, whose job it is to sit or stand in watchful stillness.


Lorianne said...

Yes. I sometimes think I like museums themselves as much as I like the art contained within them, as if you could display pretty much anything in a good exhibit space & the result would be wonderful. The space itself is sacred, and that affects how you see everything within that space.

Zhoen said...


Dale said...

Oh, what a wonderful wonderful photograph!