Tuesday 13 October 2009

Even Kooler Kwan Yin

Mmmm. Very subtle level of discourse on Buddhist iconography. S/he is reelly kool, though, no? I can appreciate, but not articulate - when I stop working, I'm sadly aware of this empty, crackling space between my ears! For intelligent and moving commentary, see Antony Gormley's article, which Marja-Leena spotted on the V&A site. No surprise to know that ancient Buddhist figures are very meaningful to him. The deep pleasure and satisfaction I find in much of his work, and especially the Iron Men, is certainly akin to what these provoke.


Anonymous said...

Very cool.

Dave said...

The Gormley essay reminds me of how I used to fantasize about becoming an itinerant buddhist iconographic sculptor, impressed by the mossy stone statues I encountered all over Japan. They tend to be, as he says, very site-specific, and the attraction for me was primarily the making of a beautiful outdoor sculpture, not so much the religious practice. Now I am slightly horrified that I ever would have fantasized about trying to improve on natural cliffs and boulders, destroying their own unique presence in the process of manufacturing a stereotyped presence from an alien thought-system.