Tuesday 2 December 2008


Wood s Lot linked to my photos. Here's what Struan Gray, of Twiglog, said about Mark Woods' wonderful blog, and his feelings when Mark recently linked to him. I couldn't possible say it better.
Wood s Lot is special because it bucks the seemingly universal trend towards ever more simplified and edited sources of information. Although it is cunningly disguised as a collation of fragmentary links and severed chunks, the blog as a whole presents a consistent and coherent engagement with art, literature, politics and the world of thought... So when Wood s Lot picked up on my... post, I felt rather like a small child seeing the Presidential cavalcade stop, and the great man getting out of his limo to congratulate me on my flag waving skills.



Dale said...

Oh, what a marvelous photo!

Well, don't forget, even if I am only a face in the crowd, *I* linked to you first :-)


Anonymous said...

I noticed you there and thought to myself - Yes! It's a special place indeed and you deserve to be a guest of honour, Jean.

Beth said...

If anyone deserves to be noticed and linked to, it's you. Mark is a smart and perceptive guy, and these are marvelous photographs. Congrats!

Zhoen said...

I came to you through Dale. Just sayin'.

Imprisoned leaf.

Leon's current assignment said...

You know, I saw your shot when I stumbled upon the aforementioned site. It brought a smile. I considered doubling back to tell you but busy got the better of me. (As well as my mind: I am new here and do not wish to overstep any bounds.)

I agree with the others, your work was managed by a talented curator.

- Wendy

Anonymous said...

I think it's a sign that Mark has excellent taste :-)


Anonymous said...

It's definitely an honor to be in the Woods. The only thing that would make that blog better would be comment threads - imagine the kind of conversations that could unfold!

Anonymous said...

Great--that's all I need: another fascinating blog to read. Thanks, Mark!

Already I spend an hour or two every morning visiting these virtual friends--people I'll never see or know yet, in ways they are closer than those I do.

I get even with my own blogs.

Anyway, you are on my list now, Jean, and I'll be peeking in your window periodically, to see what you're saying and showing.