Tuesday 13 May 2008



Anonymous said...

Lovely, like an Amish quilt!

Anonymous said...

dear Jean ~

through a link in a blog (can’t remember which it was), i stumbled into your “tasting rhubarb” blog last month, bookmarked it, and returned to it a couple of times – and was amazed by your entries “Learning to be here”.

the thing is, i am a writer, and am also editor of an e-zine, the BluePrintReview. right now i am working on the next issue. here a link to the current issue: http://www.blueprintreview.de

there are always about 12 pages in an issue, and every page is coming with a text and a photo from different contributors. the theme is forming through submissions, and it was through 2 texts i received this week, and your lines on the reflections on the MBSR course that i felt the next issue theme might be related to “Body Language” or “Body Scan” or something along those lines – and of course, i would like to include your reflections on the MBSR course in this issue.

let me know what you think about it.

like i said, the issue is in its starting stage yet, the rough publishing date is July/August. you would receive a preview of course, and your name, and if you want, the link to your blog, would be included.

i just looked for a contact e-mail, but didn’t find one, so i post this here directly.
my e-mail is: doro21@gmail.com

looking forward to hear from you, and thanks for creating this blog, and sharing your thoughts.

editor blueprintreview

Jean said...

Hi Dorothee!

I too have been exploring your blog and website, since seeing your recent photo in Qarrtsiluni - and loving your work.

I'm emailing you.

Fire Bird said...

I love this