Wednesday 14 November 2007

Too late for Halloween...

... or to cavort with their fellows at the Halloween Festival of the Trees: spotted leering and waving just the other day, as the last of the leaves fell and laid them bare.

Meanwhile, spotted in the blogosphere, which always provides delight and diversion when I'm not up to writing anything myself:
  • Two memorable posts on Remembrance Day, by Andy and Hg.
  • And Ernesto at Never Neutral wrote a truly stunning essay on life, art, globalisation and, er, everything.
What would I do without you?


Ernesto said...

thank you, darling.

did you ever get your chapbook? :(

Jean said...


Fire Bird said...


andy said...

I've been very lax in my commenting, for far too long now. Seeing, reading, appreciating - and remaining silent.

So... sorry about that. Just dropping by to say thanks for the link, and what a marvellous photo, so very well spotted. You have such an eye for these scenes, hidden in open view.