Monday 22 October 2007


Where are you now?
Where are you now?
Come back
Come back
Right now
And call me
When you’re near
When you’re nearly here

~ ~ ~

Where are you now?


Fire Bird said...

the mobile phone as licence to neurosis

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, this snippet.

I'm trying to figure out places where you can sit, comfortably, and overhear these kinds of things, because they're funny funny.

Dale said...

& poignant

leslee said...

Sounds like my friends' conversations with their errant children.

Lucy said...

Not hearing the tone of voice makes it more mysterious and full of possibilities...

Jean said...

Male, suited, peremptory but quavering...

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

If there were no mobile phones, this would be a poem about love and anxiety, wouldn't it?

With mobile phones,one constantly hears the refrain: "Where are you now?"