Thursday 18 July 2013

Body doubles

Dreaming of a stalwart double, made of some hard, resilient material, that would go out and deal with things for me, while my soft body aches and sighs and cringes from the heat. Is that why I find these vintage shop-window dummies so compelling?


Beth said...

Oh, I love them too! Maybe it's also just because they're really beautiful, and so warmly monochromatic. I hope my double is having fun outside, because I am staying put here in front of the fan. (It's awfully good to see you posting again,Jean: I've missed you.)

Les said...

I feel the same way some days. But the weather will change. A week ago here it was 100 degrees F (37C) and oppressively humid - and today it's 59 degrees (15C) and raining. Either way I want to curl up and hide.