Saturday 29 December 2012

Haiku retreat

(21/12 - evening)
Narrow and muddy,
the lane tunnels through darkness -
a blue front door.

(22/12 - morning)
Six o'clock bell,
the hooting owl dissents -
not yet morning.

(23/12 - morning)
After a stormy night
the trees sigh, heavy with water,
sodden fields exhale.

(23/12 - evening)
The spiral staircase -
as we walk up and down
something is rounded.

(24/12 - morning)
That wailing wind
is a hard song to follow -
the rain just whispers.

(25/12 - morning)
Every tree
hung with Christmas baubles -
sunshine on raindrops.

(25/12 - afternoon)
Billowing blue -
dark branches bend and stretch
towards the sunset.

(26/12 - morning)
Driving rain
hurled from a pallid sky -
not much comfort.

(26/12 - last evening)
Black velvet night
stippled with white cloud -
floating moon-flower.

1 comment:

Vivien said...

I love the small poems, especially "Billowing blue..." - 'airy nothings' put into words.

Happy New Year, Jean, and thanks for your blog with photos over the year! - always interesting.

2013... 1984 still seems to speak of the future to me because of the Book. Though people born then are now 28! I'm coming out of hibernation after that midwinter tunnel - even today (Sunday) the sun seemed less balefully low.

Best wishes.