Saturday 18 August 2012

So, August

So hot and suddenly, predictably, August brings a rush of work. Going slowly and patiently, aware that I can't give in to the heat, can't let it get to me.

So, yesterday was five months since the last day in the university job.

Today I catch myself thinking... how I'd like the work to go, how I have fewer headaches, but still way too many, and still have weight to lose. Thinking... this self, these aspirations have been absent in these past few tired and frightened months.


marja-leena said...

So hot here too, but your photo has a lovely cooling effect - the suggestion of leafy shade just beyond.

Five months already? It is getting better and easier at last for you, I hope.

Anne said...

Like Marja-Leena, I thought, can it really be 5 months? But that reminds me of my recently modified aphorism -- time files whether or not you're having fun. Anyway, I wish for you fewer headaches and more missing pounds.

And many lovely shadows and reflections.