Tuesday 19 April 2011

Reflection, shadow, photograph

A late Spring day, late afternoon. A sunny courtyard near the British Museum. The courtyard is divided from the street by railings and bounded by buildings on the other three sides. To my left, as I face the street, are a windowless wall, a plant in a tub, and on the wall the shadow of the railings. To my right, a large window holds a reflection: wall, plant, shadow. I point the camera one way, then the other, capturing the same trio twice. The photographed reflection is paler.  Later, with the editing software, I adjust the contrast and the two photos converge, become mirror images.  Remove the heightened contrast and the mirror becomes window again.  Light, memory, interpretation. 

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Fire Bird said...

there is something enormously satisfying about these, and kind of mysterious like many of your best shots