Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Poets of Mount Ogura

A beautiful small surprise earlier this week was the BBC Radio 3 late evening Essay by Stephen H Gill, of Kyoto, on Mount Ogura, its long history as the home of poets and the current campaigns to save the mountain's environment.  Poetry readings in Japanese and English - just wonderful. And sad.

The programme audio link (15 minutes - fast-forward for a minute or so for start) is available until Sunday 13 February. Stephen H Gill is one of those behind the Icebox haiku blog. He's also one of the People Together for Mount Ogura, on which I found this extensive article with photos.  One hundred poets on Mount Ogura (scroll down the publications list) is a book published recently to raise funds for their work.

Even the birds' nests
high on Mount Ogura
laced with blue nylon scraps
Stephen H Gill


Anonymous said...

Such a sad poem, for a sad situation.

Dave said...

Damn. All the time I spent hiking around Kyoto 25 years ago, and I missed that.