Monday 6 December 2010

>Language >Place blog carnival : join the second edition

The second edition of the new >Language >Place blog carnival will go live around 15 December and submissions are welcome until this coming Friday 9 December. Following the treasure trove of November's first edition, contributor Nicolette Wong will be hosting the second at her blog, Meditations in an Emergency.  Here are the carnival description and submission instructions.

I love this project. Languages beyond my first have been my doorway into places in the mind and heart, as well as in the world. To celebrate the challenge and adventure of difference, change, newness, travel both inner and outer, and how deeply these continue to impact on many of us in spite of a political and economic system intent, it often seems, on imposing homogeneity and placelessness - this is important.  Themes of place and language are a rich thread in many of the blogs I read. Contributions can be new or from your archives.


Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

Thanks for this link, Jean. I've just sent something for the current language-place carnival.

Beth said...

Hope I can remember to contribute this this city, it feels like language-related posts are happening all around me.Thanks for the reminder.