Monday 4 October 2010

Close up

A big, beautiful painting by Duncan Grant, which I had the pleasure of viewing at length in a domestic setting this past weekend. I moan too much. I do realise I'm very privileged in some ways, as well as very overworked.


Natalie said...

Gorgeous. I must look at more of Duncan Grant's work. I haven't paid much attention to it so far.

Jean said...

Yes, the photo doesn't do it justice - really lush and vibrant and compelling and full of interesting shapes and patterns. This is quite a late work, 1950s.

Somewhat amusingly, I was telling our students that he was Vanessa Bell's husband and Virginia Woolf's brother-in-law... I later realised what I'd said - of course, he wasn't, he was her lover, Clive Bell was her husband. If they look him up they'll probably think I was being prissy, which was not the case - just very tired and brain dead.

Sky said...

thanks so much for sharing this! i have always enjoyed reading about the bloomsbury crowd. so much talent amidst a variety of romantic allegiances and marriages. fascinating group of artists and writers.