Friday, 8 January 2010


In the most persistent cold and snow and ice for many years, I shiver, more from fear than cold. How quickly the extra anxiety and loss of routine undermine me! I fear a fall on the ice, knowing that, alone in my upstairs flat, I would not cope with a broken arm or leg. I fear not getting in to work (only one day so far), lest the workload escape my hard-won control. I watch the fear swell, cradle it, stroke it and settle it down like a wailing infant - for now, not overwhelming. Frozen as the snow, too stiff, I am too easily unbalanced.

At least, if snowed in, I have plenty to read, having just embarked on 2666.


Dave said...

I used to get frightened when the temperature dropped belong zero dgrees Fahrenheit, I'm not sure why now.

maria said...


Hoping for the freeze to thaw soon and the fears to melt along with it.

Lorianne said...

Walk with your weight rooted in your heels, not your toes. That's my walking meditation these days, as I tend to tense up when I walk on ice, which only makes it worse.

Rooting your weight in your heels, though, rocks your center of gravity back to a safer, more stable place: very grounded.

Pica said...

Jean, I can't believe the photos coming out of the UK at the moment. This must be the snowiest/coldest winter you can remember??

Jean said...

Lorianne, my friend in snowier climes, that really does help - thanks!