Wednesday 3 September 2008

Running on empty again

Succumbing to overwork again. Not even realising it until my eyes start burning and food sits in my stomach undigested. Repeat after me: I will not take on any more extra work for the rest of September.

Scrawled notes proliferate: blogging and writing ideas, inspired not least by
Beth's recent thoughts, which I find both immensely inviting and immensely challenging. Unlike empty bottles, which can be beautiful in themselves, empty pages wait only to be filled. I will, I will find time and space to write as well as work.


Dale said...

and time to rest! :-)

Anonymous said...

And, er, time to knit? ;-)

Unknown said...

LOVE the colours in that whatjamacallit plant. This is such an ongoing balancing act for me... hope you find some space.

Zhoen said...

Work, then rest. Work then work doesn't.

Lucy said...

That you feel invited as well as challenged by Beth's post bodes well, it seems to me (I felt a little dispirited and defeated by it, or rather by myself!)

But get some rest!