Monday 2 June 2008

Colour, shadow

I went to a weekend retreat in Devon. While I was there, violent rains swept, churning, through the low, narrow country lanes, flushing away everything in their path. Afterwards, the sun was hot, the colours dense and glowing, the shady corners unfeasibly deep green and steamy. My internal weather was just as extreme, and will take some time to process. Phew.

Can't write about that. Not now and maybe never. I can write the sunset. A little before 10 pm on Saturday, a soft sunset over the fields behind the house after a sultry afternoon and evening. Banks of cloud building, and in amongst them shifting, dappling pink flushes. Cool sky surprised by passion.

The photo's from last week - projections of the days to follow on a random doorway in the city.


Dale said...

Wow. That is some intensity.

Zhoen said...


Unknown said...

What a blue... enjoying your rhubarb!