Saturday 8 December 2007

The weather in the streets

although not the way she meant it; in fact, just the way she didn't:

Beyond the glass casing I was in, was the weather, were the winter streets in rain, wind, fog, in the fine frosty days and nights, the mild, damp grey ones. Pictures of London winter the other side of the glass – not reaching the body; no wet ankles, muddy stockings, blown hair, cold-aching cheeks, fog-smarting eyes, throat, nose … not my usual bus-taking London winter. It was always indoors or in taxis or in his warm car; it was mostly in the safe dark, or in half-light in the deepest corner of the restaurant, as out of sight as possible.


Zhoen said...


Fire Bird said...

this is great - a wet-weather dance

Bitterroot said...

My fave of these so far. Love them!

Anonymous said...

Just totally gorgeous and luscious. Edible colour.