Sunday 28 October 2012

Drawing on light

Earlier this year, Lucy's posts and many lovely photographs of her visit to Kettle's Yard in Cambridge reminded me that I hadn't been there for many years - not since I've had enough aesthetic taste or mindful attention to appreciate it, really. Yesterday was softly lit, dipping to lowering skies and heavy rain, then bursting into shafts of brilliant sunshine. It was a good day for lingering in this space designed to draw so much on the changing quality of natural light.


Zhoen said...

So lovely , largely because it seems so livable, human shaped, comprehensible.

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

Is the bottom figure a real person or a sculpture? Looks like the latter.

Jean said...

Zhoen, you got it absolutely.

Natalie, very much a real person - that elegant and tranquil young woman is a gallery attendant, I think.

Lucy said...

These are so lovely; the reflections in the frames look more painterly than paintings! So glad you were moved to revisit Kettle's Yard, I think it must be the most endlessly inspiring of places.