Tuesday 18 September 2012

King's Lynn

A day out yesterdat to mark six months. My first visit to the old Hanseatic port of King's Lynn. I loved its historic buildings and starkly beautiful riverside, but they largely defeated my camera. This is the only photo that does it justice.


Dale said...

:-) I love the photo!

Someday, I want to wander around King's Lynn. I'm oddly drawn to North Sea ports. And I've never been to one. Maybe it's Heine's Nordsee poems?

Beth said...

I love the photo too, but I really have no idea how to photograph - or paint - such scenes, and usually come back feeling defeated the same way as you describe. Boudin did it well; low horizon, emphasis on clouds.

Jean said...

Dale, I must take a look at those poems - am lamentably ignorant of German writers.

Beth, yes! But I didn't make a good job of the townscapes and lovely old buildings either - I think it was the strong, pale light of such a flat, open place in Autumn.

King's Lynn Wiki said...

There's plenty to see around King's Lynn. The tidal river has a ferry service that will take you to West Lynn - a nice short trip and there's plenty of beautiful countryside not very far from the town centre at all.